Friday May 5th, 2017

Biomass Valorization

Person in charge: Gil Garrote Velasco, PhD.
Phone: 988 387 419, 988 368 892.

The Biomass Valorization group carries out the next activities in its CITI facilities:
  • ▸ Analysis and characterization of vegetal biomass and liquid process effluents (lyes, fermentative effluents, etc.).
  • ▸ Use and valorisation of biomass and forest and agricultural residues.
  • ▸ Production of second generation biofuels from biomass.
  • ▸ Study of biomass fractionation processes (biorefinery).
  • ▸ Fermentation conversion and delignification of biomass.
  • ▸ Techno-economic study of fractionation and biomass utilization processes.
  • ▸ Production of cellulose pulp using environmentally friendly technologies.
  • ▸ Production of bioethanol from technologies that respect the environment and from Galician raw materials.