Monday May 22nd, 2017

Industrial Biotechnology and Environmental Engineering (BiotecnIA)

Person in charge: José Manuel Domínguez González, PhD.
Phone: 988 387 416.

The Industrial Biotechnology and Environmental Engineering (BiotecnIA) group carries out the next activities in its CITI facilities:
  • ▸ Revalorization of agroforestry and industrial waste, particularly wine residues.
  • ▸ Development of new biotechnological processes and bioreactors for the elaboration of food additives.
  • ▸ Aromatic and sensorial characterization of traditional wines, distillates and liqueurs from Galicia. Identification of "key" aroma compounds.
  • ▸ Elaboration of coffee liqueurs, herbs, fruits and new products supported by the different protected designation of origin of Galicia.