Friday May 5th, 2017


Person in charge: Luis Fernando Romaní Martínez, PhD.
Phone: 988 387 211.

The Thermophysics group carries out the next activities in its CITI facilities:
  • ▸ Study of persistent currents in high critical temperature superconductors. Application to energy storage and superconducting magnets.
  • ▸ Determination of physical properties of biopolymers of industrial interest (proteins, polysaccharides and their mixtures) by dynamic rheometry and classical texturometry.
  • ▸ Measurement of thermophysical properties of fluids in wide ranges of pressure and temperature: heat capacity, density, viscosity, refractive index, coefficients of expansion, compressibility and piezothermic, sound velocity and heat of mixing and transition.
  • ▸ Thermodynamic and structural characterization of fluids and solids by computer simulation. Application to systems of interest in the field of new materials (solid phases of carbon dioxide), biotechnology (water, methanol) and the oil industry (water, carbon dioxide, methane).
  • ▸ Experimental determination of critical exponents and amplitudes. Mechostat models of criticality in fluids. According to water's critical point: theory and biophysical applications.