Friday May 5th, 2017

Food Safety and Environmental Toxicology

Person in charge: María Anunciación Lafuente Giménez, PhD.
Phone: 988 387 418.

The Food Safety and Environmental Toxicology group carries out the next activities in its CITI facilities:
  • ▸ Toxicological evaluation in food safety.
  • ▸ Chemical risk assessment of new products and emerging compounds prior to marketing (REACH): food additives, pharmaceuticals, phytosanitary compounds (pesticides and veterinary drugs), detergents, cosmetics, etc.
  • ▸ Evaluation of nutraceuticals and functional, healthy foods and novel foods.
  • ▸ Authenticity of animal and vegetable species for food use.
  • ▸ Advice and issuance of reports in matters of food and chemical safety.
  • ▸ Programs of continuous training in chemical safety matters for agri-food, pharmaceutical, chemical, etc. companies.